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Continuous explosion terrorism: Sri Lanka Why Targeted for either ... The current state of Islamic finance . Introduction 000's BRICs in the second half (Brazil, Russia, India, China) is emerging countries, including the strength When we had continued to have growth, original oil money in the center of the oil-producing countries of the Middle East in response to crude oil prices Presence of sovereign wealth funds and capital is growing rapidly in the world of financial markets. Also influence that many of these Middle East countries belonged to the Islamic world convex to Islamic doctrine Interest in the stomach [Islamic finance] has increased to sudden or. Then, there is also that the crude oil prices fell along with the stagnation of the emerging economies, about compared to the bygone days Although the mind is undeniable feeling that was a little retreat, Islamic countries, such as the Middle East and Asia as well, Such as the Western countries of financial institutions carry out the provision of products and services with the aim of Islamic money incorporation, Islamic finance is steadily penetrate the world of financial markets.